Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Resep Kue Lebaran Andalan Keluarga

Photo: Pexels (Josh Sorenson)

Halo semua, gimana puasanya? Sudah ada yang batal belum nih?
Semoga puasa dan ibadahnya lancar ya di bulan Ramadan ini.

Nggak kerasa lho sebentar lagi kita bakalan menyambut Idul Fitri, gimana persiapan kue - kue buat menyambut tamu kamu. Di post ini, saya bakal bagi sedikit resep kue kering yang saya dan keluarga selalu buat menjelang Idul Fitri. Setiap tahunnya ada beberapa kue yang wajib saya dan kakak - kakak saya buat contohnya ada Kastengel, Nastar, Goodtime, Kue Kacang sama beberapa menu baru yang kayaknya 5 atau 6 tahun belakangan ini juga meramaikan meja ruang tamu di rumah Ibu. Kalau favorit saya itu Goodtime sama Chocolate Stick doooong, semua berbau coklat itu emang selalu bikin hati senang gak sih. Tapi tapi, yang berbau keju juga gak kalah bikin hati meleleh kaaan.

Hari ini mau share resep Kastengel yang kami bikin menjelang lebaran. Siapa tau tahun ini kamu ada rencana mau bikin kue sendiri. Berikut resepnya ya.

Resep Castengel

-Margarin 500gr (Blueband cake cookies)
- Gula halus 3/4 cangkir
- Vanili secukupnya
- 6 kuning telur
- Maizena 3 sdm mujung (optional)
- Butter 5 sdm (optional)
- Susu dancow putih 1 sachet (optional)
- Keju edam parut 3 sdm mujung, sesuai selera
- Keju cheddar parut 1,5 kotak
- Tepung terigu 1 kg

Kuning telur untuk olesan
Keju parut

Cara membuat:
1. Mixer semua bahan kecuali tepung hingga putih mengembang.
2. Ambil adonan secukupnya campur dengan tepung sedikit demi sedikit hingga bisa dibentuk. Giling dengan rolling pin ketebalan 0.8cm, cetak dengan cetakan castengel. Lakukan sampai adonan habis.
3. Oles kuning telur dan kasih keju parut diatasnya.
4. Panaskan oven, panggang hingga warna kecoklatan.

Photo: Dokumentasi Pribadi

Yaaaas, gampang banget kaan. Semoga resepnya bermanfaat ya. Hehehe. Kue - kue ini nggak cuma bisa jadi suguhan di rumah kamu lho, bisa juga jadi bingkisan buat orang - orang terdekat. Sesuatu yang dibuat pakai hati pasti sampai juga ke hati.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

DIY: Easy Personalised Stamp

Selamat berpuasa people!!

It has been quite a long time since I wrote about Do-It-Yourself post. During Ramadhan, I prone to lay on my bed all day long, especially when today is weekend.

But Ramadhan is no excuse to lazy out all the time. I remember about my DIY stamp and plan to make more of it for my bullet journal! Wuhuuuuu. So, if you curious or need reference for activity during Ramadan, stick around ya.

All the things that you need:
1. Scissors
2. Cutter or x-acto (optional)
3. Glue gun with glue
4. Eva sponge
5. Pencil or pen
6. Used Cardboard, Woods, or other material you can use as the base of the stamp

I forgot to put the glue gun here, but anw you can use your kind of glue as long as it will stick the sponge to the base.

I think this DIY is no brainer and it turns out really cool. You can spend your time with your little sisters or brothers, even with your kids making this easy DIY stamp. You should keep an eye on the use of scissor or cutter while making this with little human, kay?

First thing you have to do is draw the design on eva spons with pencil or pen. You can use whether scissors or x-acto to cut the design. I randomly drawing on the sponge, or if you find cute illustration on the web you can print it out and use it as your guidance. To make details, you can use the x-acto. After the design was cut, now you can glue it on whatever surface you wish (they act as the base of the stamp). I use old cardboard boxes I could found gather around the studio.

Tadaaa! It is done! Let’s see how it turns out in my bullet journal.

The left one is a bunch of triangles while the right one is a home

I think I will come up with another DIY post.

See yaaa!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

My New Year

Happy new year!
God! It is already a quarter century. I cannot imagine that I finally stepping into this next stage of my life.

There are more years to come and embrace. Even though I have know ideas how many years left for me, but I want to take a long deep breath to welcome my new age. There are goals need to achieve and experiences to feel.

Lots of love,


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

ArtJog 11: Enlightenment

Hi! It is such a long time since I wrote about a trip I make to exhibitions.
Last weekend, on Sunday morning 6th May to be exact, Me and Rangga went to Jogja National Museum to see ArtJog 11 Enlightenment. It was the third day of the event, it is open from 4th May to 4th June. So, spend some of your time and a little amount of pocket money to see this annual art event.

I woke up early and get ready while waiting for Rangga. We went to eat my favorite Sate Kambing Muda in Batas Kota near PASTY before heading out. I will create another post about this place, and you have to visit this restaurant. It is recommended!

First time I went to ArtJog was in 2015, so it is my third year. I always enjoy myself while going to this event, my inner child is tremendously happy. I love something pretty, beautiful, and extravagantly strange in a good way since I was a kid. I feel energized when I see artworks and understand how the artists put their time and mind into it. It is like having a child (I guess, not human child, but you know the feeling when you creating something and it is already alive?).

My favorite artwork will be the commision work for this year ArtJog by Mang Moel, Sea Remembers: About The Invisible Ones and The Ones That Escape From Our Sight.

The work is made by 70 artisans who knits all the yarn and combine all the pieces into a giant underwater world. When you see this work, you will be fascinating by effort to create such world, mysterious and radiant at the same time. Underwater full of mystery and beauty, it is like what we are. The are deep riddle that lies within oneself. That is what I perceived from this artwork. Sea remembers, it does, like our memory of loved ones, like our memory of sad event, like our memory of happy day, sea was like our mind. There are a lot of things unseen, or hidden by purpose. No one knows.

intermezzo. jajaja
There are other artworks that have been my favorite for this past years, the one by Syagini Ratna Wulan. I knew about her when I saw her 100 white lockers in Biennale 2013. I saw her artworks as well on Artjog 10, and I love how she play with lights and colors. Like what she present on this year ArtJog, lights and colors. Lights and colors can be perceived by each person differently, it is the matter of our perspective. There is one room painted all green by Hiromi Tango called Healing Garden, this green room reminded me of Eko Nugroho works for Biennale 2013, you can see my post about it here.

One of artworks that drew my attention is Everlost by Fajar Abadi, a winner of Young Artist Award for ArtJog 11. It is a boxing sack filled with snacks. The competition of snacks industry in Indonesia is quite big, people try to develop the most innovated snacks, you can find a rainbow variant of snacks all over the country. I like the colors of this work and how it portrayed the highly competitive snack industries.

I suggest you to go to ArtJog on workdays, after lunch or in the morning, since the place will not be too pack with people. When there are too many people, you will get distracted a lot, and people will take sooooo many pictures in front of the artworks. Maybe, it is just me, because I do not feel comfortable when there are too many people around. Crowded places makes my head dizzy. People even will queue in certain artworks which considered popular on social media, so it will be hard for you to read the concept and enjoy it.

I am looking forward for next year ArtJog!

Ticket: Rp 50,000 (you get coupon that you can redeem in Potentiarte for a Winsor&Newton brush!)
Website: http://www.artjog.co.id
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/9qbygDcqrKw

Friday, May 11, 2018

Moving Our Studio Out

Photos: João Jesus on Pexels

We’re moving out!
Yees, our studio will move from old house the new rent house. The place will be quieter and calmer, even though the one we use as our studio is in the same area, the new place surrounded by trees. Yaaaaas~

After a short discussion, we chose to move out because we need a place where we could rehearse at night without disturbing any neighbors. The place that we use now is too close to people, even though we try to maintain the sound and work hours, we think it will much better to move out. Actually from this post I would like to tell about packing stuff and moving out. I am not an expert in packing stuff but I am moving from one place to another place almost 5 times since I live here in Jogja. Why? My friend asks me all the time, why I would like to burden myself with packing all my stuff from bed, to glasses. I like new place and I feel refreshed when I put all my favorite things in my new room. It does not mean that I like to live as a nomad but the thought of packing and organizing your favorite clothes or book to their designated boxes makes me feel good.

Yeah, I know that it will not about my personal belongings while we moving our studio out but all of our tools and works. All those things means a lot to us and we want to put them practically and safely during the moving.

Moving out and moving in takes a lot of work and energy. Trust me, it does! But, when you know how to put all the stuff you wish to bring to your new place. It will be so much easier and stress free. What you actually need to prepare?

This is definitely number one thing you have to prepare. I always prepare a little time a month before moving by making list of stuff. By starting ahead and slow, we will not be hustle when the time to move out come. I start with putting stuff that I might not use for the rest of the month.

Declutter Old Stuff
Decluttering your old stuff. I usually do this, once or twice a month even though I am not planning to move out. But, reviewing what you actually use will reduce amount of stuff that will you bring to the new place. You would not love it when you just put clutter to your new place, right?

Since, our studio has several plastic boxes where we put all our tools, we only need extras boxes for books and kitchen utensils. If it is hard for you to differentiate the boxes, you can color code your boxes with tape, in Indonesia the boxes we bought usually has its product mark in it, it’s easier to differ one box with other.

Cleaning Kits
This one is important too. Separate you cleaning kits, so when you get there, you can do all the cleaning that you need to do. No need to grab it inside the boxes.

Check out what mode of transportation you will use during moving your belongings, consider how many things you bring and how long it takes to get from your old place to the new place.

Food and Drinks
Prepare snacks, easy to make meals, and drinks. Unpacking your stuff will take a lot of energy. So you need energy booster for your body and mood.

I will put my favorit jam during unpacking, or choose any other things that will make your activity more fun.

I hope it helps you guys with your next moving. I am looking forward for better work environment and more creative process to welcome in the new place. I will create another post about our new studio next time.


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