Friday, October 12, 2018

Pesta Boneka #6: Pertemuan kembali

Photo: Instagram @pesta_boneka
Kali ini, saya pengen cerita tentang Pesta Boneka #6 dan pertemuan saya kembali dengan festival ini.

Sekilas cerita tentang Pesta Boneka dan bagaimana kami bisa terlibat di dalamnya, jadi di tahun 2014, saya Rangga dan Ditto merayakan ulang tahun Ditto dengan mengunjungi Pesta Boneka #4 yang diadakan bulan Desember 2014. Saat itu adalah pertemuan pertama saya dengan dunia teater boneka dan juga acara yang sangat menyenangkan ini. Bahkan kami jadi berkenalan dengan penonton setia Papermoon yaitu Mba Anggun, Mba Vic, dan Mba Iin yang waktu itu bantu menjaga stand merchandise. Hampir selama 3 hari acara, kami akan menunggu pertunjukan selanjutnya di booth merchandise Papermoon bersama mba - mba ini.

Lalu pada tahun 2015 awal, Rangga membentuk kelompok teater boneka bernama Flying Balloons Puppet yang sampai saat ini kami jalankan bersama. Di awal tahun tersebut, Rangga dan saya berkenalan dengan Papermoon. Rangga banyak berkomunikasi dan berdiskusi tentang teater boneka dengan Papermoon. Hingga pada tahun 2016, Flying Balloons Puppet berkesempatan menjadi bagian dari Pesta Boneka #5 dengan tema “Home”. Kalau ingat lagi, “Home” tema pesta boneka 2 tahun lalu menjadi sedikit tanda bahwa kami sedang dalam perjalanan kembali ke rumah (dalam hal ini teater boneka) dan bagaimana festival tahun tersebut membentuk kami yang sekarang. Ada ucapan yang menarik yang diucapkan Mba Anggun, dari groupies menjadi peserta Pesta Boneka. Menarik karena, pertemuan dua tahun lalu membawa kami kembali menjadi bagian dan penampil di Pesta Boneka #5.

Pesta Boneka #5 menjadi batu loncatan dan juga pijakan pertama kami untuk serius menggeluti seni pertunjukan ini. Terutama untuk saya pribadi yang tidak memiliki latar belakang teater. Pesta Boneka #5 menjadi panggung kedua saya sebagai pemain boneka. Bahkan sejak saat itu kami sebagai grup lebih bergairah dalam menekuni bidang ini karena kami menemukan rumah kami. Pada Pesta Boneka #5 kami membawakan pertunjukan berjudul “NATUH” yang sangat minim secara bentuk (menurut saya pribadi, pertunjukan yang cukup buruk). Momen tersebut membuat NATUH berkembang sampai saat ini dan bahkan sudah dipentaskan 7 kali. Kalau bukan karena Pesta Boneka #5, saya yakin ceritanya akan jadi cukup berbeda terlepas dari dukungan yang datang dari berbagai pihak setelah itu di tahun berikutnya.

Photo: Instagram @pesta_boneka

Saya pribadi sangat excited akan mengikuti Pesta Boneka untuk kedua kalinya sebagai peserta tahun ini. Pesta Boneka #6 akan dimulai sejak hari ini tanggal 12 Oktober 2018 hingga 14 Oktober 2018. Flying Balloons Puppet akan membawakan cerita tentang Sori dan pertemuannya dengan mahluk penunggu sungai bernama Lembuna. Kami berkolaborasi dengan seorang seniman teater boneka asal Australia bernama Gwendolyn Knox. Saya akan membuat entri blog sendiri tentang proses bersama Gwen untuk pertunjukan ini. Cerita tentang Sori dan Lembuna kami angkat dari mitos yang berkembang di Brebes tentang penunggu sungai Pemali. Kami ingin menceritakan kembali mitos dengan sudut pandang dan cara yang berbeda. Hal yang menarik dari pertunjukan ini adalah kami akan mementaskannya di sebuah kolam kering yang terletak di pinggir sawah. Untuk tahu bagaimana pertunjukan kami, jangan lupa untuk hadir minggu sore ya.

Sampai jumpa di hari Minggu, 14 Oktober 2018 jam 4 sore di Desa Kepek, Bantul teman - teman!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Puno: Letters to the Sky, the kind of performance you wish to watch only once in your lifetime

Photos: Instagram @papermoonpuppet

Hi! It's been a little since the last time I write something here and I missed it.

It might be a little bit late for me to review a performance by Papermoon Puppet Theatre entitled Puno: Letters to the sky. But, let me try to express how I feel and experience after I watched this performance.

When you read the title, you might guess two things, the performance is not worth to watch or is it too bad to watch. I know I am not an expert when it comes to reviewing performance, especially theatre. But, I feel like I need to express myself in a certain way. I need to remind you that this review has no basis a.k.a it is a personal review. I have no background in theatre critics or such. I am just an ordinary audience stunned by this performance.

I knew Papermoon from Rangga. We watched Pesta Boneka #4 in 2014 to celebrate Ditto’s birthday. It is my first encounter with puppet theatre. I never watched Papermoon’s performance before, except the one in Pesta Boneka #5 when it collaborates with Thai’s puppeteer Jae. Rangga has watch it several times. In this performance, Rangga involved as additional puppeteer and join the tour in Southeast Asia before Puno finally came back and perform in Jogja.

I cannot wait to watch it! When the ticket was sell for the first day, I plan to go and bought the ticket by myself. Before, we arrived there, I saw that the ticket already sold out. Dang! It was fast!
I guess I am lucky, Rangga got one free invitation for me. Yaaas~ I could finally watch Papermoon.

The performance was held for about 5 days included the general rehearsal and media preview. After I got back from work, I would go there to wait for Rangga. Everyone asked me, am I going to watch Puno on that day or not. I said, I will watch it the last performance on the last day. I am not prepared for it to be honest.

The day I had been waiting finally come, I got a little bit nervous after I ordered a ride and on the way to the venue. You know that feeling when you are going to face your fear. That is how I feel. When I arrived at IFI, there was already a line of people queueing to enter the auditorium. I got the middle seats, the perfect spot to watch it. The show started.

Photo: Instagram @papermoonpuppet

It was begin with a part where Puno (the father) and Tala (the daughter) walking around and buy an ice cream. The scene is sweet and funny. But I did not laugh, at all. I was so nervous waiting for the scenes come one after the other. I thought and said to myself, enjoy it, do not expect anything, just be there. I could enjoy it but once the moment when Puno cooked dinner for Tala, tears starting to build and I could smell my dad’s fried rice. I said in my mind “sh*t, this can’t be happening this earlier. I expect some tears will running down but not this early”. I am not going to tell every scene from this performance here, because I am not trying to make a comprehensive review on how it is but rather how I feel and think about it.

I swear to God, I will never watch it again. Once is enough for me to feel all the flood of feelings and memories that fleeting from every scene in Puno. If you expect the glamorous and fantastical performance, you will be disappointed by Puno. I tell you why, the performance was so simple, no big and extravagant surprises. But, that is the strength of this performance, it brings you to daily tasks and activities you experience in your life. It makes a connection with you without having to think so much about what is going on or what is this performance trying to tell you about.

Papermoon is really capable to deliver such a delicate performance. It does not need a big stage to awed you, because that is not what they meant to do. They want to touch you right to your heart. For me, it was like hit me right to my deepest heart. Losing someone is never been a pleasant experience and each one of us has its own defense mechanism to deal with it. The topic is so close to us, close to me to be exact. I lose a lot of great people in my life. I lose my best friend when I was in junior high because of cancer. I lose my dad when I was in high school and I was there with him when he took his last breath and that freaking machine start to create a long beep sound. That was a nightmare to heard it, but I realize I am trying so hard to stand on my feet. Puno reminds me of that moment. I am crying really hard and trying not to make any sound.

Bravo and standing applause for Papermoon who gave and delivered such a performance. Thank you for all the team and the puppeteer who works really hard everyday to give us a gift after watching the show. The gift is for me, memory of losing someone is always there, waiting to come around, but there are way greater things that will happen. Because the one who left us will always be watching us.

After I watched and finished all the tears. I questioned myself, I sat alone and silent for the rest of the night. Remembering the loved ones and thinking how performance could do that to us. What is exactly the point of making performance? Is it a way for us to reminding all the things that happen in our life? Or is it a medium to tell story that we try to hid for such a long time. I think the performers always know by heart why they doing it, right?

I am still wondering how amazing it was to be able to share story and memory with people we never meet before through performance.

I guess, that is all what I want to tell.

Hasta pronto!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

My favorites restaurant in Pisa

Screenshot from Google Street View

I am back with old story of my exchange life 3 years ago.
I know it is a little bit too late but this is one of way to remember it (I know I will remember it by heart but I want to write about it here)

Even though my trip to Pisa only for two days, it was wonderful!
Italy is famous with its pasta and pizza, and I personally love those dishes. I would never let the chance to eat the authentic italian cuisine right from where it is originally from.

We arrived in Galileo Galilei Airport around 5 p.m., the flight from Beauvais to Pisa is around 2 hours. Since we did not have any baggage. We decided to walk to our homestay. I booked the room from, the accomodation was good for an affordable price. I chose large room with extra bed since I would stay there with two of my friends. We stayed for a while, unpack, and took a bath. After that, we decided to walk to the city center to find something to eat.

It took around 30 minutes walk from our homestay to the city center, and it is a little bit windy there. I found that the city is not that different from Indonesia except the buildings. Hahaha. We walked for a while and we finally decide to went inside one of the restaurant in the city center. At first, we doubt that the price would be expensive for student tourists like us, but it was affordable and the taste is super!

Personal photo

It will be weird to say that this place is my favorite restaurant in Pisa since I am not visiting other restaurant. I only visited two restaurants here, and for me this restaurant is my favorite one in Pisa so far. If I have a chance to go back to Pisa, I will definitely visit this place again and check out another restaurant around it.

Personal Photo

When I looked back to this trip, I know why I like small city, because it is easy to get around and it is not too crowded. Even though Pisa is a tourist destination but I find that it gives a warm feeling I use to get in my hometown.

Personal Photo
I will be back with short story on my exchange life soon.


Sunday, July 1, 2018

July and all plans for the rest of the year

Since last month, I rarely post any entry on my blog. I was busy with many things.

As I did on May I will share my bullet journal spreads to you. I think this month is still the same with minimal and simple layout. During these past months doing the bullet journal I realized that I feel more organized especially when it comes to the appointment and tasks I have to do every week. Even though, I hit my rock bottom with this new habit on June, where I barely updated my journal. I need to get back on track this July, with many plans to do and goals to achieve.

I want to change the journal to bigger size but this one is really compact and easy to carry around not only in my backpack, but also tote bag or other small sling bag. I might change it next time, but I love this one and I think it will stays longer. Since I love this product, I also bought some for birthday presents. If you are interested with my bullet journal, you can check it out here.

This month is a start of many plans for the rest of the year. Not only for Flying Balloons Puppet but for me personally. I will prepare something big on October. Flying Balloons Puppet will be joining Pesta Boneka #6, Puppet Biennale Festival held by Papermoon Puppet Theatre since 2018. I will share the story of this one later on.

Me and Rangga also will prepare an event that will be held on the end of October. I guess, the end of this year will be awesome.

July also will be a month where me and my best friend start to write on our medium account, please check us out here Relatable Reality. This blog meant for people who needs some reality check, hahaha. No, kidding, we just want to share what is our reality. We are more than happy if you guys follow us, read, share it because you feel related to what we experience.

Book needs to finish this month is Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, I bought it by end of June. I will share any books I will read on every month. I guess it help me to keep track on my reading list this year, which is actually on its lowest point.

Hasta pronto,

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Resep Kue Lebaran Andalan Keluarga

Photo: Pexels (Josh Sorenson)

Halo semua, gimana puasanya? Sudah ada yang batal belum nih?
Semoga puasa dan ibadahnya lancar ya di bulan Ramadan ini.

Nggak kerasa lho sebentar lagi kita bakalan menyambut Idul Fitri, gimana persiapan kue - kue buat menyambut tamu kamu. Di post ini, saya bakal bagi sedikit resep kue kering yang saya dan keluarga selalu buat menjelang Idul Fitri. Setiap tahunnya ada beberapa kue yang wajib saya dan kakak - kakak saya buat contohnya ada Kastengel, Nastar, Goodtime, Kue Kacang sama beberapa menu baru yang kayaknya 5 atau 6 tahun belakangan ini juga meramaikan meja ruang tamu di rumah Ibu. Kalau favorit saya itu Goodtime sama Chocolate Stick doooong, semua berbau coklat itu emang selalu bikin hati senang gak sih. Tapi tapi, yang berbau keju juga gak kalah bikin hati meleleh kaaan.

Hari ini mau share resep Kastengel yang kami bikin menjelang lebaran. Siapa tau tahun ini kamu ada rencana mau bikin kue sendiri. Berikut resepnya ya.

Resep Castengel

-Margarin 500gr (Blueband cake cookies)
- Gula halus 3/4 cangkir
- Vanili secukupnya
- 6 kuning telur
- Maizena 3 sdm mujung (optional)
- Butter 5 sdm (optional)
- Susu dancow putih 1 sachet (optional)
- Keju edam parut 3 sdm mujung, sesuai selera
- Keju cheddar parut 1,5 kotak
- Tepung terigu 1 kg

Kuning telur untuk olesan
Keju parut

Cara membuat:
1. Mixer semua bahan kecuali tepung hingga putih mengembang.
2. Ambil adonan secukupnya campur dengan tepung sedikit demi sedikit hingga bisa dibentuk. Giling dengan rolling pin ketebalan 0.8cm, cetak dengan cetakan castengel. Lakukan sampai adonan habis.
3. Oles kuning telur dan kasih keju parut diatasnya.
4. Panaskan oven, panggang hingga warna kecoklatan.

Photo: Dokumentasi Pribadi

Yaaaas, gampang banget kaan. Semoga resepnya bermanfaat ya. Hehehe. Kue - kue ini nggak cuma bisa jadi suguhan di rumah kamu lho, bisa juga jadi bingkisan buat orang - orang terdekat. Sesuatu yang dibuat pakai hati pasti sampai juga ke hati.


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